Architectural Design Services for alterations, extensions, conversions or new build.

Architectural Design Service in Ilford

Your choice of architectural design service will make a huge difference to the success of your building project. Whether it's a loft conversion, extension or new build, you provide the overall vision, and your architect helps turn that into reality. We also help you navigate the necessary and often complex processes around planning permission and appeals, and then building regulations.Our thorough and professional approach to project management helps to ensure that you get the outcome you're looking for.

Whatever your project, we can help

Projects where you could benefit from our architectural services include:

  • Loft conversions
  • New builds
  • Basement conversions
  • Residential or commercial extensions
  • Garage conversions

Allow our designers and architects to convert your ideas and ambitions into practical structural solutions. Get in touch with us today for an initial consultation, to discuss your project plans. It's never too early to seek some helpful advice from our professional team.From our architectural services office in Ilford, we work on projects across London, Essex and the South East.

How our architectural services work

If you've never undertaken construction work on a property before, the prospect may be daunting. Fortunately, this is the world we work in daily, meaning we're deeply familiar with the complexities of planning applications, planning permission and building regulations.

Step 1 - We listen to your requirements

Whether you're planning a loft conversion, a rear extension to a house, or a change to a commercial property, you probably have in your mind a picture of how you want that space to look and feel.We listen to your requirements, review any initial drawings you've made, and discuss your budget and your expectations for how long the project might take.If you have a property you'd like to make structural changes to, but you're unsure of exactly what you could do, we'll listen as you explain what you'd like to achieve.

Having listened, we share our professional advice on what your best options are for an alteration, extension or conversion that will meet your needs. This consultation will give you a much clearer idea of how your construction project could proceed.

Step 2 - We create the plans for your project

Our architectural design team convert your hopes and ideas into clear structural plans. We work with you to ensure the detailed design is in line with your expectations. Your architect, and their team of professional designers, will construct the plans to the standard necessary for submission to the local authority's Planning or Building Control departments.

Step 3- Obtaining necessary permissions

We handle all the necessary correspondence with regulatory bodies. Making planning applications, obtaining planning permission and ensuring compliance with relevant building regulations all require time and professional expertise.We look after the detailed design process throughout, giving you the space to focus on other aspects of the project.We act on your behalf in dealing with all correspondence with the regulatory bodies throughout the project.

Additional architectural services we provide

As architects, we also assist with other aspects of construction projects, such as:

  • Measured surveys of all types of building
  • Floorplan surveys for furniture layout in a house or commercial premises
  • Retrospective planning permission
  • Planning application drawings (plans, sections, elevations etc)
  • Consultancy on commercial developments
  • Interior design
  • Feasibility consultancy

Being experienced in both residential and commercial planning and design, we provide project management expertise that spans from initial ideas, through planning, to seeing the project completed.

JS Surveying Design at a glance

As one of the leading firms of architects in Ilford, we provide architectural services on a wide range of projects across London, Essex and the South East. We're extremely familiar with the processes around making planning applications and securing planning permission, along with building regulations and building control compliance.

Measured building surveys for preparing CAD drawings

Detailed measured surveys can be useful in a wide range of situations, from planning floor layouts to mapping the position of boundaries, or preparing detailed working drawings for your builder.If you are an architect or property consultant needing assistance with a measured site survey, including the creation of plans on CAD software, we can help you.All our measured surveys are carried out using handheld laser distance measuring equipment, in accordance with the RICS code for measuring buildings. All our plans are drawn using CAD or desktop software and can be emailed to you in an electronic format or provided in hard copy format as required.

Land Registry Compliant Lease Plans

Our architectural services team can prepare lease plans for all types of buildings. These are fully compliant with land registry requirements. We liaise with your solicitor to ensure all the details of the demise are correct and we email and post the plans directly to them, with copies sent to you for your records. Where any changes are required, these will be done quickly and, often, free of charge, depending on what changes are required and why.All plans for leases can be turned around usually within three days, subject to the size and location of the demise.

Architectural issues we can help you with

Our architectural services team is available for consultation in support of whatever planning or building projects you are involved with.Subjects they can assist with include:

  • Planning applications
  • Project management
  • Building regulations
  • Conversions
  • Interior design

We work closely with clients across London and the South East, on both residential and commercial projects. Whatever your question, you're welcome to get in touch with us.