Construction Project Management and Contract Administration

JS Surveying and Design Ltd can prepare and administer the majority of the usual forms of construction contracts in use today. These are taken from the Standard JCT suite of contracts, namely The Minor Works Building Contract, The Intermediate Form of Building Contract and The Standard Form of Building Contract.

These standard construction contracts, can only be used if there is professional person appointed to administer the contract, such as a building surveyor. These have recently been overhauled, (2009) allowing for elements of the building process to be designed by the appointed contractor. If a Main Contractor is appointed to the design the complete project then a Design and Build Contract should be used.

Construction Contracts and Administration

There are various forms of construction contracts available to use depending on the type, size, complexity, and cost of the project. The Joint Contract Tribunal, have a vast suite of construction contracts available to use. JS Surveying and Design Ltd are fully versed in the construction clauses of each JCT contract. When administering construction contracts the correct project forms should be used, when issuing instructions, payment certificates and practical completion certificates.

Project Management

Project management is a dedicated process, and the key basis for success for effectively managing any construction project is the choosing and selection of the right design team consultants and main contractor. Selection of the right project manager should be a clients key choice in implementing a construction process. JS Surveying and Design Ltd can effectively manage the whole construction project, and will carry out the following:

  • Discuss the clients requirement concerning space, function, quality and costs including life cycle costs.
  • Establish and select the project team after your analysis of your requirements. This will include agreement of terms of appointment, together with a system of communications between the team
  • Establish a budget covering all elements including fees and construction costs.
  • Liaise with solicitors on matters relating to the development including the need for Collateral Warranties, where appropriate, in relation to professional appointments
  • Arrange the selection of contractors, advising on methods of procurement and forms of contract, together with tender evaluation and where appropriate, in relation to professional appointments.
  • Monitor the consultants progress during the works, together with the work
  • co-ordinate the activities of any client direct sub contractors into the main contractors programme.
  • Arrange the handover of the building after operational testing and full commissioning, issue of all certificates, guarantees, manuals, drawings etc.