Preparation of Specifications and Tender Documents

Specification & Schedule Of Works Preparation

JS Surveying and Design Ltd can prepare specification of works and schedule of works for all construction projects. Once instructed by a potential client, we take on and develop the client's brief into a detailed specification of works. Further on from this, we can prepare detailed schedule of works, which can be used as part of a tendering exercise to obtain competitive costs for the project.

Preparation of Specifications

A specification is an essential part of the design process for any construction project, ranging from small works remedial repairs to large multi-million pound developments. Even though we do not hand write specification of works anymore, JS Surveying and Design Ltd, as Chartered Surveyors take the same care and professionalism in specification writing and scheduling of works as did back in the 1900s. Specifications can tailor to each project. Material based specification scan be drafted for detailed work, where a standard traditional form of building contract will be used. Other types of specification scan are prepared from performance based specifications for design and build projects, to standards based specifications.