CAD drawings for all types of Buildings & Plans

We can carry out measured building surveys for all types of buildings including measuring the elevations and floor plans. These surveys can then be used to prepare drawings for any purpose that you may require. All measured surveys are carried out using handheld laser distance measuring devices and tape measures. All plans are then drawn using AUTOCAD and can be e-mailed in an electronic format in pdf or DWG formats, as required by you.

Lease Plans

We can prepare Land Registry Compliant Lease plans for incorporation in the lease in accordance with Land Registry requirements. Lease plans can be prepared to any size, and can be e-mailed directly to you and your solicitors for checking and approval before the necessary hard copies are posted out. All lease plans can be turned around in a few days, depending on the size and location of the property.

Premises License Applications

If you need to apply for a premises license then you will also need floor plans in accordance with Local Authority Guidelines. Without such scaled and detailed plans your application will not be accepted.

Office Layout and Furniture Planning

If you are moving or have taken over new office premises and want to plan your furniture layout then having plans, for the furniture layout and office lighting etc will be invaluable and will save you time and will minimize errors.