Party Wall Surveyors

Are you looking for a Party Wall Surveyor for your next building project?

Our Party Wall Surveyors have experience managing the building works of residential housing and commercial property. Whatever the project, whether it is a small extension on your home or a large scale commercial project you can call on our Party Wall Surveyors to manage the process.

Party Wall Surveyors will guide you through the Party Wall etc Act 1996. This Act is essentially a formal process for building works undertaken to, or in close proximity to party walls. The Party Wall Act is especially relevant to residential building extensions and loft conversions where housing often adjoin, but can be likewise relevant to commercial property. For example, if there is an extensive refurbishment taking place. It is often the case that where building work/extensions/refurbishments is being carried out adjacent to neighbouring properties or even within a distance of 6m of a neighbouring property, including its boundary walls The Party Wall Act 1996 will come into play and Party Wall Surveyors will be required to assist and avoid any issues and dispute.

With vast expertise in the Party Wall etc Act 1996 our Party Wall Surveyors will act as your guide through the process. With over 20 years experience, our Party Wall Surveyors have an extensive knowledge of the process, can avoid any issues and offer customers a full and comprehensive guide through the process. Whether you are a Building Owner (the person who is instructing the work to be complete of the property) or the Adjoining Owner (neighbour impacted by the work undertaken Party Wall Surveyors can assist. You should call a Party Wall Surveyor at the start of the process to ensure all necessary notices, schedules etc are drawn up to time and in line with the Act.

Your Party Wall Surveyor will also complete The Party Wall Award. This award is a legal document which details the duties and responsibilities of the respective owners. The award will cover things such as working hours, contractors insurance and how damage is dealt with. As with the entire process your surveyor will guide you through this as part of our service to you. Our professional customer service, high standards and price offers customers complete peace of mind when dealing with our Surveyors to both plan and execute their project with skill and ease.

By using a professional Surveyor for your party wall matters the condition of the wall will be carefully examined before any work starts and throughout. Our team will be formally monitoring the condition and ensuring the Act and your obligations are met.

With over 20 years’ experience, we can offer you expert and professional advice on the necessary procedures at highly competitive prices. Whether you are the Building Owner or the Adjoining Owner please contact us for a free quote to discuss your situation with our London team.